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Royal Pavilion & Brighton Museums:

Wednesday 27th August was the Kids in Museums Teen Takeover Day. Charlie from the Museum Collective was our teen taking over. Afterwards she wrote a review on her blog.

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What would you do if someone let you loose on their twitter account with more than 9,000 followers?

On Wednesday, someone did just that. For the whole of the day (well, from 10:45AM to 5PM), I was in charge of Brighton Museums’ twitter as part of Teen Twitter Takeover Day set up by the wonderful Kids in Museums (watch out for their link at the end).  I got to interact with other galleries, take pictures and generally tweet whatever was on my mind. Aren’t I a lucky girl?


After a short briefing and some introductions, I was handed a tablet and set free in the gallery to tweet to my heart’s content. As I was walking round, I was reminded of all the different projects I’d been involved with and all the great opportunities I’ve had.

Way back in the summer of 2012, I was part of a small group…

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A visit to the Royal Pavilion


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Having last visited the Pavilion when I was very young I did not expect it to be as elaborate as it was! Although I remember it being intricately decorated, as I entered I was overwhelmed with how beautiful the décor was.

There was nothing that was not covered in pretty patterns or designs (which mainly included dragons!). I love fashion, art and design, so this was amazing, like one big gallery! I would have to say the dining hall was my favourite room, I have never seen a chandelier so massive!

All visitors are given audio guides, which I was reluctant to use at first as I thought it may be ‘boring’, but it was definitely worth it, giving a clear summary of what the rooms were used for, as well as background historical information on the Pavilion and its residents. If there were specific details which interested you, you could also choose to listen to more about them, so there was something for everyone, it seemed really well planned.

Compared to other ‘stately homes’ I have visited I was impressed by how many rooms were open to the public (it seemed endless, over two floors!), and how much furniture, décor and information was on display. I really think anyone of any age can enjoy a visit here!

Hannah Jump, 19, is a member of the Museum Collective

Behind closed doors at Brighton Museum


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"Night at the Museum poster" by http://www.impawards.com/2006/night_at_the_museum.html. Licensed under Fair use of copyrighted material in the context of Night at the Museum via Wikipedia

Night at the Museum poster

Brighton Museum is closed on Mondays so staff can get on with vital work and exhibits can be cleaned and repaired.

I defy anyone not to feel a frisson of excitement to be allowed to walk around a place like a museum when you know the general public are not allowed in.

Just like the kids film trilogy Night at the Museum starring Ben Stiller and Robin Williams, I half imagine some of the exhibits will come alive and start talking.

There are people here getting on with their daily work such as cleaners, security staff, curators and all the regular office staff upstairs and in the Pavilion but at the moment, I’m the only one looking around the exhibits. Some of the galleries are dark, the café is closed and all the chairs are stacked on the tables, the shop is shut and the door through to the Dome café bar is closed.

Somehow it feels like all the exhibits have been displayed just for me.  I’ve taken some pictures for a new Pinterest board and there’s been no-one to frown at me.  I’ve gazed for quite a long time at the paintings which are along the stairs and entrances. When there are lots of people around, you can get swept along by the tide without really looking.

I’ve fallen in love with an exquisite tiny silver and white Wedgewood milk jug in the pottery display cabinet which I’d have snapped up if it had been in shop.  I’ve never spotted it before and would probably never have seen it if I hadn’t been on my own today.

I’ve tried once again to look a Mr Willett’s Popular Pottery but it remains a mystery to me.  I have resisted the temptation to touch any of the items, even though they are calling out to me.

I’m now sitting on a bench writing this in the lovely peace and quiet. It feels like the museum has kicked off its shoes, stretched back and is letting out a big deep breath of relaxation. Tomorrow the summer crowds with their rucksacks and loud voices will return but today is a well-earned day off for this glorious building and the big mix of things which live here.

Caroline Sutton, Blogger in Residence


“Night at the Museum poster” by http://www.impawards.com/2006/night_at_the_museum.html. Licensed under Fair use of copyrighted material in the context of Night at the Museum via Wikipedia – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Night_at_the_Museum_poster.jpg#mediaviewer/File:Night_at_the_Museum_poster.jpg


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